Education discounts

Discount for schools and photography or Lightroom classes.

Geotag Photos Pro is number one choice of many professional photographers and Lightroom experts, who want to add location data to their images taken by cameras without GPS module. The app is praised for its vast setting possibilities and battery optimisations.

The Geotag Photos Pro consists from iOS & Android app, that records position while you’re taking photos and the desktop app that automatically adds location these images.

Alternatively all the routes can be exported as GPX via Dropbox or Google Drive for geotagging. inside Lightroom’s Map module.

Free apps for teachers and 50% discounts for students

With a release of Geotag Photos Pro 2 (available for Android, iOS coming soon) we’re able to provide volume licences with significant discounts. We can provide free apps for teachers to evaluate if Geotag Photos Pro is useful for their students.

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