New Geotag Photos desktop app! (Beta 2 Available)

August 7th, 2013

Our goal is is to make geotagging as much user friendly as possible, that’s why we have added Dropbox export for seamless integration with Lightroom and now we excited to show you new Geotag Photos Desktop app – and yes,  Java is not required anymore! 

In a past few months there has been some changes on both Windows and OS X, which made using Java Web Start apps a little bit complicated. Some of you had problems launching Geotag Photos so we  decided to get rid of Java Web Starts, make standalone desktop app and improve the geotagging experience.

All you have to do is download and install Geotag Photos on your computer just like any other application.

The desktop app is currently in beta ad some details are not finished yet, but you can already try it now.

Geotag Photos desktop app works on OS X, Windows and Linux and you can download it from here:

PLEASE NOTE:  In case you’re OS X user, please make sure that you can install apps from “Anywhere” – this can be changed in Security section of System preferences. (We’re working on that)

We hope that you will like new app  and please let us know to if you run to any bugs or issues.

 UPDATE: New beta available under the same link










Geotag Photos Pro back on App Store!

May 17th, 2013

Geotag Photos Pro is now back on App store.  We have left critical bug in previous update, which causes crashing to user who skipped previous 3.0 update.  Therefore we decided to pull Geotag Photos back from store to prevent you from downloading it.

New update is now released and the app should work correctly.

Geotag photos now requires iOS 6. The reason for this is that Apple force us to use new vendor identifiers instead of UDID (device identification numbers), which are available only on iOS 6. These identifiers are critical for Geotag Photos to handle data uploads, so we can’t stop using them them.

In case you prefer staying on iOS 5, please contact us and we will try to send you special version, which will work.

We apologize for difficulties and  we are sorry that  the update took a bit longer than expected.

If you run to any other problems, please let us know on

New Geotag Photos 3.0 is available and how to use it with Lightroom

April 19th, 2013

Today the new update of Geotag Photos Pro is available so, don´t forget to download update via the iTunes App store.

We’ve described the improvements in previous post. The trip upload has been moved to main screen, there has been some UI refreshments, but the most noticeable improvement is Dropbox integration, which is awesome if you are using Lightroom to geotag your images.

You no longer have to email yourself the GPX file, but it is automatically uploaded to your Dropbox folder.

We’ve created tutorial, which will show you how amazing and simple it is:

Dropbox integration is currently in iOS version, but Android version will receive this feature as well.

We’re really trilled about this and we hope that you will like the new update too.

Feel free to write us your feedback in the comments bellow and in case you have any questions, or problems, send us email on and we’ll do our best to help you.

In case you like the new update of Geotag Photos, it’d be great if you spread the word about it to your friends, who may like it too.

PS. Not to forget, the update also brings new shiny screenshots to App store, but if you have already purchased Geotag Photos, we guess it won’t change your life that much :)

Geotag Photos 3.0 is coming (soon in App Store!)

April 5th, 2013

We are happy to announce, that we are just finishing new major version of Geotag Photos, version 3.0. It is some time, since we did bigger update – but we didn’t forget on our customers, so that new version with some very nice features is here. Some of the main features:

Automatic export to Dropbox

If you are Dropbox user and use GPX files for geotagging (hallo Lightroom users!), you will definitely love this feature. Simply link Geotag Photos with your Dropbox and that’s all. Since then, all new trips will be automatically exported to your Dropbox folder. No manual export – just set once and forgot.

Sure you can disable automatic export feature, then you can export every trip manually from trips management page.

Dropbox settings

UI improvements

Geotag Photos is almost 3 years old. We started to develop it when iOS 3.0 was the newest thing in the world and some design decisions are outdated now. Also we got very useful feedback from you. One of most non-logical things was Upload function hidden in Settings & Upload page. So that we completely changed this. Settings are now just settings. You can display them using Settings icon on main page. And the upload button is finally on main screen, visible only when needed. Hope you will like it!

New upload button


We also swap Autolog & Trip history items – it is more logical to have Autolog item together with the main logging section.

And last but not least – all buttons & icons were repainted and whole GUI little bit polished.

Beta version is available now!

The good news is, that we are currently in state, when the most of work is done. Yes, we have to finish translations of new texts and do some testing, before we send 3.0 to App Store. Now we want to invite few existing customers to our beta program to test this new beta version. If you want to try this new features now, please apply through Testflight  (beta is closed now, new version will be in App Store soon!).


Jindrich from TappyTaps

How to launch Geotag Photos on Safari

March 25th, 2013

There has been some changes in  new MAC OS X 10.8, causing that Safari won’t launch Java Web Starts apps automatically.  In the other words, when you click on “Run the application” button on new Safari, nothing happens.

Luckily, there’s easy fix.

As you can see in video bellow, simply click on “download”  button in Safari and start the Geotag Photos by clicking on jnlp file.

In case you are still experiencing issues with launching Geotag Photos, please let us know on and we will help you.

Quick guide to new open dialog on OSX with latest Java

October 26th, 2012

As we have written yesterday, there is bug in latest Java 7 update 9 which prevents OS X users from accessing folders on their computer or memory card. This will be hopefully fixed in next Java version, but we have quickly came with workaround, so users, who have installed latest Java on their computer,  could use Geotag Photos.

This does not apply to Windows users and users, who have not updated Java. For them nothing changes.

When you launch Geotag Photos, click on “Open” as usual and you will see new opening dialog.

Geotag Photos opening dialog

Select “Macintosh HD” in the top box and you will see large list of folders. If you want to access files and folders, as you are used to, open “Users” folder and than click on your username.

Geotag Photos opening dialog

In case you want to access your memory card or external hard drive,  select “Macintosh HD” in the top box and open “Volumes” folder.

Geotag Photos opening dialog


Once you find folder containing photos, you want to geotag, click on “Choose” button. Double-clicking on folder will not select it.

We apologize for this complications and we hope that new Java will be released soon and the old, more comfortable opening dialog will work again and you will get better user experience. If you have any questions, let us know on or in comments bellow.





Problem opening folders and files on OS X (Fixed)

October 25th, 2012

26.10.2012 UPDATE: This issue should be fixed now. Until new Java version is released, we had to change opening dialog. Click here to see more details


Users with OS X and latest Java 7 update 9 installed directly from may experience problems with opening folders in open dialogue. In some cases folders are not visible or “open” button does not work.

This happens because of bug in latest Java release. We know about this issue and we are working hard on fixing this.

We are really sorry for difficulties with Geotag Photos. For now we can advise not tu update Java to latest version.

If you have any questions, please let us know on




Installing Exiftools plugin on Mountain Lion

September 24th, 2012

Some of you may experience issues with installing Exiftools plugin
while launching the desktop app for the first time on OSX Mountain
Lion. Unfortunately this happens because of new Gatekeeper  feature.
Exiftools is required for writing GPS information to your photos, but
the solution is really simple.

To resolve this just go to System Preferences > Security & Privacy >
General and enable installation from “Anywhere”
Mountain Lion security settings
Once you change the Gatekeeper settings, you can launch desktop
version of Geotag Photos  for the first time and install Exiftools

Now you can change back the Gatekeeper settings if you want and Geotag
Photos will continue  working correctly.
If you have any questions or any problems let us  know on  and we will help you.

Java problem on Windows 7 (now fixed!)

June 26th, 2012

Update: the problem is fixed now, Geotag Photos desktop application is runnig on Java 7 update 5 without problems.

Users with Windows 7 64bit and latest Java 7 update 5 may experience problems launching desktop Geotag Photos.  ”Server connection error” message appears right after launching the app and it won’t load.

We are working on fixing this problem, but in the meantime, there are two workarounds , how you can launch Geotag Photos:

1. Installing older Java 

As far as we know, this problem happens only on Java 7 update 5.  You can remove Java 7 update 5 from your computer (Start > Control panels > Programs & features >java 7 update 5 > remove)  than install latest version of Java 6 from here:

After doing that, Geotag Photos will run correctly.

2. Using Geotag Photos Offline app

Only the online app is affected by this problem, so you can use the offline app.  You can download the offline app from here:

Then just email yourself the gpx file from your trip, open it in offline app and and continue as you are used to.  You can transfer the gpx file also using iTunes, if you have iPhone or it is stored on memory card, if you have Android phone.


We really apologize for difficulties  and we will fix this issue as soon as possible. If you have any questions or if you experience this issue on different OS than Windows 7 64bit, please contact us on




Desktop version of Geotag Photos is getting new update!

May 28th, 2012

As we were getting feedback from you, users of Geotag Photos, we realized that we could make desktop app even more easier to use for new and regular users. When something goes wrong, it was hard to figure if you have selected wrong folder, forgot to upload your trip or if time in your camera does not mach the time in your phone. Especially, when you have problem with different time, you had to calculate the time difference manually.

We have worked hard to make the app more simple, strait forward and also better looking. Today, we are exited to announce, that new desktop app got into beta and you have the possibility to try it!

So what is new?

  • Improved design offers more clear workflow
  • Improved error dialogs – if something went wrong, we are now trying to explain clearly, what it is. For example – if you forgot to upload your trip, if you  selected wrong folder or if the time in your camera was  incorrect
  • Automatic time fix – When the time in your phone does not match the time in your camera, you don’t have to count the time difference anymore. Simply enter the actual camera time to the desktop app and we will do the rest.
  • Improved ExifTool implementation – We improved ExifTool integration, so that now it will be even more easy to geotag various camera file formats
  • Simplified setup – Our main goal is to make the app as easy to use as possible. We have made setup more clear without removing any features. Fix camera time is now always displayed on the status bar

This new desktop application is currently in beta, but we already tried it on thousands of photos. In case you will find any bug, please contact us at You can find new beta version next to standard version there. Thank you for your feeback!

Your guys from TappyTaps.